What Are Good Apartment Dogs?

Though breeds share common characteristics that may serve as a guide, it ultimately comes down to the dog’s individual personality. Since we believe in the motto “adopt don’t shop,” we’ve brought you some important factors to consider, beyond breeds, when looking for the best apartment dog.

What Are the Best Apartment Dogs?

Determine how much shedding is manageable for your lifestyle. This is totally variable from person to person. Some are willing to clean daily to keep their house pristine while living with a long-haired dog; others would rather avoid the hassle and are fans of short-haired dogs. Others are happy living with pet hair everywhere, as long as they can share their life with their furry friend. 

dog that isn’t high-energy. Living in a pet-friendly apartment means you typically don’t have much space for your dog to run around. Daily walks around the block or to the dog park can help give your pet the exercise it needs, but you don’t want to overcomplicate your life with excessively athletic breeds. This would leave out breeds such as huskies, dalmatians, border collies, Australian shepherds, and some terriers.

Determine your size limitations. Apartments come in many sizes, so you don’t always need to stick with the smallest breeds for successful pet-friendly apartment living. However, it is always good to consider your actual living space, how much space you already take up, and how much would still be available for your new family member to relax, explore and live life. In other words, if you live in a small studio apartment, getting a large dog as a pet may not be the best choice, even if your apartment building would allow it.

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