How to Turn Your Pensacola Home Into a Smart Home

5 things to turn your home into a smart home Cover Image

5 things to turn your home into a smart home

5 simple and easy to get products that will improve your lifestyle in your new apartment in Pensacola

Not only does having a smart home help you save money, energy and make your life simpler, it's also just really cool. Telling your lights to turn on and having them do so is a surefire way to get some dopamine into your system. If you're looking to upgrade your home or moving into a smart one, we're here to help you get started with a few products you're going to want to get. 

Smart lighting

Smart lighting might as well be the official entry product into the smart home line. It is very non-invasive, easy to install, and easy to get your hands on. Whether you control the lighting with your phone or your voice, setting them up correctly will improve your quality of life a little bit and even save you some money on your next electricity bill.

Smart thermostat

Forget having to get up to change the thermostat when the temperature changes. It's not just a matter of not having to get up, smart thermostats can monitor the room's temperature and raise or lower it depending on the time of day. You'll probably forget you even have it once you set it up! If being this comfortable sounds like a thing for you, check out our luxury apartments at Inspire Pensacola. It'll be nice to be in your cool apartment during the spring and summer. We're pet-friendly too!

Smart smoke alarm

This one is a simpler product. It's essentially just a smoke detector with a few extra features. It can connect to your speakers and alert you of any fires while you're home, or send an alert to your phone while you're anywhere in the world. It might sound simple, but it definitely helps you keep peace of mind.

Smart lock

Have you ever come home only to realize you forgot your keys? It doesn't happen often, but you never forget the few times when it does. Smart locks enable you to enter a code and have instant access to your house will forever take that worry off your mind. There are some locks with cameras and alerts, but you should consider what you want and what you need and make your choice then.

Smart speaker in Luxury Freeport Apartments | Latitude at Hammock Bay

Smart speaker

This is another entry-level product. These can range from simple smart speakers to full-fledged virtual assistants with which you can control your entire house. If you're just starting, you should consider going with a simpler, more affordable speaker. Even those with assistants can come at very reasonable prices. Here is a smart speaker guide for first time buyers.

These are a few entry-level smart devices that you should consider for your current or new home. If you're interested in these types of products you should check us out at Inspire Pensacola Apartments, located near Ensley. We have studio, one, two, and three bedroom apartments ready for you to take your comfort to another level!