Health Benefits of the Saltwater Pool at Inspire Pensacola

Swimming in a saltwater pool offers more than just great exercise or a relaxing soak.

The benefits of a saltwater pool at your Pensacola apartmentsinclude softer skin and hair and fewer chemicals.

You may even experience less pain in your joints or suffer from less stress than with traditionally chlorine-treated water. Join us for a look into the health benefits of saltwater pools like the one at Inspire Pensacola.

Soothe Your Skin and Hair in a Saltwater Pool

The amount of chlorine used to clean and sanitize traditional pools is drying for your skin. It can leave you itchy and even make skin conditions worse.

A saltwater pool uses less chlorine and provides skin with natural exfoliation. It can soothe irritation and leave your skin soft and hydrated.

Swimming in a chlorine-treated pool is also hard on your hair. With our saltwater pool, your hair won’t be dry and hard to handle. And you’ll avoid the color change that can happen with a traditional chlorinated pool.

Our saltwater pool has far less salt than the ocean. You get the best of both worlds, right in your apartment complex.

A Saltwater Pool Has Fewer Chemicals

We’re all becoming more aware of the chemicals we’re exposed to each day. Our saltwater pool has fewer chemicals than a fully chlorine-treated pool.

You’ll notice the difference right away. The saltwater pool area smells fresher and the surface of the water doesn’t smell like chlorine when you take a breath. You may find that your eyes and lungs feel less irritated than when you swim in other pools.

Relax in Inspire Pensacola’s Saltwater Pool

Swimming is a great way to exercise and burn off stress. Swimming in a saltwater pool can help your body relax naturally to help you shake off the last of a hard day.

You may also find that the saltwater feels soothing on sore muscles or stiff joints.

If you're looking at Pensacola apartments with a pool, come take a look at Inspire Pensacola’s terrific saltwater option. It smells better, leaves your skin softer, and even helps you feel better than a traditional chlorine pool.