Best Ways To Celebrate Women’s History Month In Pensacola

Women's History Month is this March! Women have played an important role in the history of our state and our nation. During Women's History Month, we encourage you to take time to recognize and celebrate women's role in the development of our arts, culture and learning. There are many ways that you can celebrate women during the month of March. Here's what we suggest.

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Celebrate Virtually Through Florida Universities

In an ordinary year, celebrations for Women's History Month happen in-person, at universities, in museums and at cultural centers around the state. This year, those celebrations won't be happening in-person. Still, some universities in Florida are holding virtual celebrations that you can attend for free. University of North Florida is holding a virtual Women's History Month celebration that kicks off on March 3. The event continues through the month with events like Women Veterans Recognition Week and Feminist Fact Friday. Register for these events on UNF's website.

At Florida Atlantic University, the Womxn's History Month Virtual includes events like "Wonder Women in Science" on March 23 and "Caribbean Women in History" on March 22. Register for these events online.

Watch Films Featuring Floridian Women

Did you know Ariana Grande is from Florida? How about Sarah Paulson? There are lots of famous people that have come from Florida. Check out the full list to see who else is from our great state, and make a point to enjoy watching movies, television shows or music videos that feature these amazing Floridians.

Choose a Floridian Woman to Learn About

History is full of Florida women who have made great accomplishments over the years, including Zora Neale Hurston, author of Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Marjorie Kinnan Rowlings, author of The Yearling. Pick one of Florida's many famous women and read a book about them. If you've got a friend who is interested in participating in this with you, make an agreement to pick different people, read about them, and then report back. You can find out more about famous Floridian women in this online list.

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Contact a Florida Woman Who Inspires You

Think of a woman that you know who lives in Florida and who has traits you admire. This could be someone in public life, like a politician, or someone that you know in your own life. This could even be your own mother! Pick a woman who you admire and make a point to tell that person what they mean to you. Let them know that they inspire you, and why. You might do this over an email, a phone call, or through a letter.

Stay Connected at Inspire Apartment Residences, Near Ferry Pass

Women's History Month is a great opportunity to collaborate with other women you know and either do something inspiring, or learn about others who have done inspirational things. Come see what we're doing at Inspire Apartment for Women's History Month. Call today to make an appointment to view one of our available units near Ferry Pass.